A pushing day, with calves!

Today its a push day, with calves. If you dont know what a push day is, I’m gonna explain really fast. Its a day where you do push exercises. That means we gonna target chest, shoulders and triceps.

Its a day where I use ladder sets and drop sets. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday are my main strength days. The push and pull days are days where I train a bit different, so I can give my body a shock.

With my ladder sets I go from high reps to low reps, that also means I go from light weights to heavy weights.
But on my drop sets i do the opposite.
A example on a ladder set: 5x4x3x2x1, so start with light weights, and then go heavier and heavier.
And on dropsets do the opposite, and remember no resting on dropsets!

Its a bit long and its a lot of exercises. But take short rests between rest, and make sure to push yourself! Dont go to heavy and dont go to light, your gonna struggle on every set. 

So, here we go!

Warm up.
Warm up on a cardio machine for 10minutes.
Continue the warm up with butterflyes, I go 20x15x10 (with low weights)

Chest part
Barbell bench press

Incline press machine or Low to High cable crossover

Decline press machine or cable crossover

Single arm crossover (straight down)

Machine bench press (dropset)
6x8x10x12x15  x3

Shoulder part
Standing shoulder press with barbell.

Single arm linear

Arnold Press

Butterflyes reversed

Machine lateral raises (dropset)
6x8x10x12x15  x3

Triceps part
Own weight triceps pushdown

Bench press triceps version

Pushdown with rope (dropset)
6x8x10x12x15 x3

Standing calf raise (use smith machine if possible)

Calf press with legg press machine

Now comes the fun part.

Tree side abs exercises

And 5 intervals (30 seconds work and 10 seconds rest)



A high intensity interval training day.

Welcome to my workout routine! I will be posting my workout day by day. I have just created this workout, so I’m exited. I like to mix things up, I like lifting weights and I like running and doing short and long cardio workouts. But on this program I will be focusing more on intervalls and short cardio workouts, rather than long cardio workouts, that I have been doing for a long time.

So, this is actually not “day 1”, thats was on Monday. But since I’m starting with this now, I guess Thursday is day 1, that was confusing… Well, never mind that!

This is a high intensity day. This day got two workouts, the first workout (in the morning) goes like this.

Morning workout:
30 min on a cardio machine that you like, but brings your pulse up. I like to use the treadmill, even though its so boring to run inside… its one of the best!

After the 30 min cardio workout you going to do some circuit training. 2-3 rounds with 2 minute pause between rounds. The round goes like this:
20 push ups
10 renegrade rows (on each arm)
20 squat with dumbbells
10 box jumpes
20 standing shoulder press with dumbbells
push ups to fail

How much weight you want to use its up to you, but dont go so heavy that you can’t complete the round and dont go to light.

Evening workout:
The evening workout its just cardio machines. I use treadmill, row machine and the assault bike.
Warm up with low speed on the treadmill, I use to jog 10min.
Then set the speed at a sprint speed, then sprint 20 seconds, jump to the side and rest for 10 seconds. Repeat this 10 times.
Then do 8 times, and then 6. Take the speed a little higher every time. This is called gerilja intervalls.

Do the same thing on the assault bike, but go 8x8x8. So 2o seconds working, 10 seconds resting 8 times, 3 sets.

The last intervalls is going to be on the rowing machine.
I like to warm up for about 2 minutes.
Then I row at a high intensity for 1 minute, and then I’m rowing very slowly 30 seconds, and then I row at a high intensity for 1 minute again. I repeat this 5 times.

And thats its! Its not easy, but its a fun day! If you follow this, make sure to eat much and rest between workouts!

Tomorrow its a push day with calves, so stay tuned!

Anyone still here?

So, this blog has been quiet for a long time. And the reasons are many. My summer went to working and training, so that got my exhausted. When I finally got some time off, I went to Spain for one week, and it was awesome! I will put some pictures below. And after that week it was “fadderuke”. Its hard to explain what “fadderuke” are, but maybe its like freshmen week, I dont know. In short words, its a week where we meet new students and make them comfortable with a new city, new friends and we drink… a lot…

And that brings us to this week, this week is the first real week on school. The first week where I’m back to being a student again, and its awesome! I’m really not ready for work everyday.

Since its been a long time, I thought I would try something new. I will make a post everyday about my workout program. I have just created a new workout, so its going to be fun! Its just for fun, maybe you can get some inspiration from it, or maybe I can get some inspiration from you guys.

Here are some pictures from Spain.

Our most important window.

Our most important window let us see the world. It let us see what ever we want to see. Everyone fortunate enough too see out from it, are privileged. I don’t talk about the normal window where you see your neighbors, your garden or the front gate. I talk about a computer window, phones, PC, tablets, everything you can connect to internett.

Just think about it, with a computer and internett, you can connect with almost the entire world! How great is that? I think its really awesome. Of course the older generations have their opinions that mine generations use way to much time with our phones, computers and tablets, but serious, why should we not? Yes, you can abuse this privileged thing called internett, but you can use it to so many awesome things too. I can talk to a guy on the other side on the planet, just like that. Wow! I can educate myself on all kind of stuff, I can watch endless movies and TV series, I can see the world news, the choices are almost endless.

Its also important to live life, to put away our computers ever now and then and just enjoy the world. But we have gotten a really good thing here, that makes this life a bit easier.

365 regrets a year.

This post is about regrets. Is something that we try to stay away, right? When you are about to do something you often think, or at least I think, what if i regret doing it? What if the thing I’m about to do won’t work out. I think everyone think like that sometimes.
But sometimes you just have to do it, what if it does work out? And the thing you are afraid to do is the best thing you can do. Whenever you make a decision its always three options, the right and the best option, the wrong option, but the absolute worst is do nothing at all.

Its time to make some regrets, try things, fail at it. Its perfectly fine, its how we learn, its how we improve. Listen to yourself, what do you want? Try to make a “regret” once a day. Run that extra mile, eat that extra chocolate, buy that one thing you so badly want but can’t really afford, or make some big regrets that can turn out to be the best decision in your life. If it isn’t, your one step closer to make it.